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Victorian Vices Unveiled: A Century of Scandal with Kate Lister

As History Rage celebrates its centenary episode, we are treated to a riveting conversation with none other than Kate Lister, a sex historian with a penchant for the provocative. In this episode, we peel back the layers of Victorian society, a period often painted with the brush of sexual repression and tight-laced morality.

Paul Bavill, our host, engages in a lively discussion with Kate, who brings her expertise and humor to the table, dismantling the myths that have long shrouded the 19th century. The conversation traverses from the invention of photographic pornography to the nuances of Victorian slang, revealing a society that was far more obsessed with sex than our history books would have us believe.

Kate recounts the tales of Ida Craddock, a woman ahead of her time, who penned explicit sex manuals for couples and suffered the harsh consequences of a society at odds with her progressive views. We hear about Fanny and Stella, two men who cross-dressed and solicited sex, challenging the legal and social norms of the day. These stories and more illuminate the hidden depths of an era that was anything but prudish.

The episode isn't just a recounting of salacious historical anecdotes; it's a profound look at how the Victorians grappled with the complexities of sexuality, gender roles, and the law. Lister eloquently debunks the myth of the Victorian vibrator, a humorous yet inaccurate tale that has become embedded in modern consciousness.

If you're looking to be entertained, educated, and perhaps a bit scandalized, then this episode of History Rage is a must-listen. The Curious History of Sex, Kate's meticulously researched and delightfully written book, serves as the perfect companion piece to the episode, offering an even deeper dive into the subject.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger), settle in, and prepare to have your perceptions of the Victorians thoroughly challenged. Listen to the episode, laugh along with the hosts, and come away with a newfound appreciation for the complexities of history.

Don't miss out on unraveling the tightly bound corset of Victorian history with History Rage and Kate Lister. Tune in, learn, and let your historical rage be quenched.

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