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Ripping Myths Apart: The Georgian Era Exposed

Did you know that one of history's greatest figures has been the subject of a longstanding myth? Napoleon Bonaparte, often believed to be short in stature, was actually above average height for his time. This is just one of the many historical misconceptions that are ripped to shreds in the latest episode of History Rage.

In this episode, we're joined by the vibrant history presenter, TikTok sensation, and author Alice Loxton, who brings her book "Uproar" to life. Alice takes us on a journey back to the Georgian period, where we peel back the layers of history's finest moments and expose the raw truths beneath.

Alice's passion for history is contagious. Her background as a history student and her work with Dan Snow's History Hit have equipped her with a unique perspective on how history is presented to the public. With a blend of academic rigor and social media flair, Alice demonstrates that history is not just about dusty books and dates—it's a living, breathing narrative that is constantly being reshaped and retold.

The heart of the episode delves into the work of James Gilray, a satirist whose pen was as sharp as any sword. Gilray's prints, filled with Georgian jokes and political commentary, were the memes of their day, influencing public perception and politics alike. Alice argues that Gilray's legacy has been unfairly overlooked and champions a revival of his work, even suggesting he deserves a place on the ten-pound note.

Listeners are treated to a vivid description of Gilray's most famous prints, including the iconic "The Plum Pudding in Danger," which brilliantly captures the political climate of the time through the metaphor of a plum pudding being divided by William Pitt and Napoleon.

As Alice takes us through the highs and lows of Gilray's life and the power of his prints, one can't help but draw parallels to modern-day satire and social commentary. It's a reminder that history is not just about the past; it's about understanding the present and shaping the future.

This episode of History Rage is not just for history aficionados; it's for anyone who loves a good story, appreciates the power of imagery, and enjoys a hearty laugh at the expense of historical figures. So, if you're ready to challenge what you thought you knew about history and have a bit of fun along the way, tune in to History Rage and let the historical uproar begin!

Don't forget to check out the show notes for links to the discussed prints and more information about Alice Loxton's work. And if you're feeling particularly supportive, consider subscribing to History Rage on Patreon for exclusive content and perks.

Ready to rage against the historical machine? Listen to History Rage now and join the revolution of understanding.

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