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Glorious Revolution? Pah!

Have you ever questioned the validity of the term 'Glorious Revolution'? In the latest episode of our podcast, Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie returns with a vengeance to debunk the myth of a bloodless power shift in 17th-century Britain.

Our hosts, Paul Bavill and Kyle Glover, sit down with the esteemed historian and author to dissect the turbulent civil wars that ravaged England, Scotland, and Ireland. Dr. Mackenzie, with her riveting narrative, paints a picture far removed from the sanitized versions of history we often encounter.

The episode delves deep into the life of John Hamilton, whose story is meticulously chronicled in Dr. Mackenzie's book, "Lagarde Ecose." From the 1641 Irish Rebellion to the Scottish Highlands' resistance, the conversation reveals how the struggle for power and faith shaped the British Isles.

Listeners are transported to the battlefields where the Jacobites and Williamites clashed, with Dr. Mackenzie vividly recounting the infamous Highland charge and the harrowing Massacre of Glencoe. These accounts, often glossed over in history books, are brought to life with poignant detail and emotional depth.

As Dr. Mackenzie passionately argues, the 1688 revolution was anything but bloodless—a truth that resonates through her words and the powerful stories she shares. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the complexities of British history and the often unspoken human cost of revolution.

Join us on this historical journey as we rage against the myths and uncover the truths of a past that continues to shape our understanding of the world. Listen to the episode now and be part of the conversation that challenges what we think we know about the Glorious Revolution.

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